Testimonials: “We Love Garden Lane Natural Handmade Soaps”

I just wanted to tell you how much I loved the Happy Dog soap! It was easy to use on our dog , lathered well and rinsed off easily. After using the soap, her coat was SUPER SHINY,SOFT and the best part of all she completely stopped itching!!!!!! I have tried NUMEROUS flea shampoos, powders…nothing worked as well as your Happy Dog Soap and nothing left her coat as soft and healthy looking as your product. I would recommend to anyone with a dog and I never want to run out of this wonderful product! Janice E.

“I am not a guy who cares much about things like soap or toothpaste at all, but
my sis gave me a Treasure Bar and I have to say that I look forward to every
shower just to use that soap. If it were gone in the morning I think I would
have a very tuff day. The smell is out of this world. It is like taking a bath
in a swimming pool of flowers. I am in the construction business so don’t tell
my workers I said that! (our little secret). I can really feel the love put into
this soap.”  DH

Thank you for the opportunity to sample your shaving soap.  I have used the soap continuously for the last month with the following results:

1. It has a thick and excellent lather.

3.  It has a clean and masculine aroma.

4. The aroma lasts for a few hours.

5. After a months use I never experienced any irratitation, allergries or other ill effects.”- Chuck M.

“I just used the lemon poppy seed sample bar and I loved it!  I am so sensitive to strong smells but these are fragrant and I’m not stuffed up at all.  Love it!” – Chris M.

“Because of my allergies and highly sensitive skin, I ‘m very careful about the products I use. I’ve been very happy with Garden Lane Soap products…No skin irritations or allergic reactions.”— R. L.

“Your medley soap is wonderful and adds a lovely scent to my whole bathroom.” —Debra S.

“Garden Lane Soaps are a treat for my skin.”  —Ann H.

“I find the soothing, sweet earthy smells of your soaps to be very pleasing to the senses as well as very gentle on the skin.” —Brian B.

“I just took a shower and used your Eucalyptus-Hemp bar. It’s just lovely, I like the feel and smell.“— Iris W.

“I love the rich lasting lather of Garden Lane Soaps and the scents last until the bar is gone.” —Nancy M.

“The Medley Bar is a delight, just the right amount of suds and a wonderful scent. I cannot wait to try the rest of your soaps.”— J. S.

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